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A look at how school background checks work

He then used the weapon to kill himself. So we start to find out about all these loopholes that we have in our laws. Daniel has become an outspoken activist for what he calls "sensible gun laws. That is where Haughton found the seller of the gun he used in the mass shooting. Her stepfather also tried to shoot at her, but Daniel was saved when Lind stepped in front of her.

Armslist has asked a Milwaukee County Circuit judge to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that under Wisconsin law, the company cannot be held liable for the actions of people who advertise on its site. Eighteen states plus the District of Columbia have expanded background checks beyond federal law to include at least some private sales. Two more states — Nevada and Maine — have expanded background checks on the ballot this fall.

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have extended background check requirements for gun purchases beyond federal law to some or all private sales. Some states also require permits to buy a firearm or handgun.


Background Checks Proven, Popular. A Marquette Law School Poll this year found 85 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin , including 84 percent who have guns in their homes, say they support closing the private-sale loophole. A CNN poll in June showed 92 percent of respondents nationwide favored expanded background checks. Officials in Milwaukee are working with community leaders and nonprofit groups on a plan to reduce gun violence.

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A top recommendation: Expand criminal background checks to private gun sales. But Republicans who run Wisconsin state government have blocked attempts to require background checks on purchases from private sellers. A study estimated that 40 percent of U. Updated research from Harvard University and Northeastern University includes soon-to-be published findings that roughly one-third of gun acquisitions today occur outside of such licensed dealers.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett helped co-found the organization. Firearm violence includes two elements, Alcorn said: a gun and a person who poses a high risk of causing harm with it. Background checks act as a gatekeeper, he said, preventing individuals at risk of harming others from accessing guns.

Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California-Davis, has studied various policies for more than 30 years and agrees universal background checks are among the most effective at preventing gun violence. Webster and his fellow researchers found that Connecticut saw a 40 percent drop in the firearm homicide rate over a decade after universal background checks were enacted.

In contrast, when Missouri repealed such a law in , firearm homicide rates rose 23 percent , Webster has found. The permit-to-purchase laws implemented in Connecticut and repealed in Missouri require buyers to pass background checks and get a license from a state or local police agency to buy a firearm. Some states require a permit for all firearms and some only for handguns. In some states, permit holders must first go through safety training or an exam. Another Webster study found levels of illegal gun trafficking were about half in cities where the state required background checks for private handgun sales.

But a University of Pittsburgh study this year discovered that most criminals found ways around laws aimed at keeping guns out of their hands. Researchers traced the origins of firearms recovered by Pittsburgh police in The study found 79 percent of perpetrators were not the legal owner of the firearm used in the crime — bolstering the gun-rights argument that laws do not stop criminals who want guns.

Pennsylvania requires background checks for all handgun purchases. Mortensen cited work by economist John Lott, Jr. Lott is founder and president of Crime Research Prevention Center , a Colorado nonprofit that studies the relationship between gun policy and public safety.

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The center says it receives no funding from the NRA. Republicans Mum on Checks. In emotional testimony before a U. The argument failed to sway any Republican senators. Two years later, on June 20 a fter a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at an Orlando, Florida nightclub , a Senate filibuster and vote resulted in a largely party-line vote against expanded background checks.

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Ron Johnson voted no; Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin voted yes. On June 23, House Democrats staged a sit-in to try to force a vote on a measure to expand background checks and another that would have prohibited people on no-fly lists, including the Orlando shooter, from buying guns. In Wisconsin — where an epidemic of gun violence fueled by illegally obtained firearms is raging in Milwaukee — lawmakers have avoided voting on background checks. Bills introduced by Democrats to expand background checks in recent sessions have died without a hearing. Republican Gov. Scott Walker has said he opposes expanding background checks.

In a written response to questions from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said Wisconsin already requires background checks; he did not address the issue of private sales, which require no such scrutiny. Other top Republicans are mum on why the Legislature has declined to consider expanding background checks. Email and phone messages sent to Rep.

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Wintemute has seen the systems in action during his visits to gun shows in Wisconsin and elsewhere. At this show, old military uniforms, medals and vintage firearms were sold next to tables with newer handguns and rifles. Licensed dealers were vocal in their thoughts on expanding background checks to private sales, but several unlicensed sellers declined interview requests. When gun purchasers approach him and ask whether he is a private seller, he points to bright signs that label him as a licensed dealer and asks, "Are you colorblind, or just illiterate?

Hardell, who mostly sells handguns, said he has turned down a lot of buyers after running a background check. But Rico, a former gang member and admitted criminal from Madison, told a reporter that he bought his guns, finding it easy to amass numerous high-powered weapons after he failed a background check by a licensed dealer.

He asked that his full formal name not to be used because he described committing crimes that could subject him to prosecution. The year-old estimated that he owns more than 20 guns — all of them bought without passing a background check.

Guns in the collection of former gang member Rico include mini-AK semi-automatic pistols, top, which he bought privately without a background check. He bought the 9-millimeter Beretta handgun and the pump-action rifles at a gun show in Black River Falls, Wis. Credit Photo provided by Rico.

I got many. He photographed many of them at the request of a reporter. Black River has Great Lakes Elementary School.

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