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If your case was filed in a District Court or a County Criminal Court at Law, you may find out whether the District Attorney will oppose your expunction by calling them at Prepare your petition for expunction. Below is a form application for an expunction that may be used in the request to expunge arrest records relating to a Class C Misdemeanor case filed in the City of Houston.

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For all other cases, you may obtain a petition from the District Attorney by e-mail only. You must have an e-mail address.

Types of Criminal Misdemeanors in Texas

It is your responsibility to complete your form. There are three documents that you will need to be prepared in pursuing your expunction which are below : 1. Petition for Expunction 2. Order Setting Hearing 3. Agreed Order of Expunction 3. File your petition for expunction and order setting hearing.

Free consultations with either attorney are available. Attorneys Michael Mercer and John "Casey" Keirnan are available at any time to consult with you about your misdemeanor case.

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Your attorney will listen carefully to your story and make sure you know we care about what happens to you. In an often-unfair court system, we want to be your trusted legal counselors. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your charge.

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Our lines are always open. As soon as you hear about a misdemeanor charge against you in Houston, call [InsertPhoneNumber].

Class B Misdemeanor in Texas

Our representatives will be waiting to consult with you about your situation and extend our help if applicable. We always discuss our fees in an upfront manner, so you have the choice whether or not to retain our firm. Our number one priority is to help you through your legal trouble.