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If power steering, is the pump working? Brakes should work in reverse, also. Does the parking brake work? The truck should not be capable of movement when the parking brake is engaged. Lights - If equipped with lights, are they working properly? Horn - Does the horn work? Safety seat - if the truck is equipped with a safety seat is it working? Is there excessive oil on the cylinders?

Propane Tank - Is the tank guard bracket properly positioned and locked down? It should not be frayed, pinched, kinked, or bound in any way. Is the connector threaded on squarely and tightly?

40 Printable Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates

Propane Odor - If you detect the presence of propane gas odor, turn off the tank valve and report the problem. Engine Oil - Check levels. Engine Coolant - Visually check the level. Note: Never remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level when the engine is running or while the engine is hot. Stand to the side and turn your face away.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Template - Excel TMP

Always use a glove or rag to protect your hand. Transmission Fluid - Check levels? Windshield Wipers - Do they work properly? Seat Belts - Do they work? Safety Switch - found on stand up riding tow tractors Is it working?

Hand guards - found on stand up riding tow tractors, walking pallet trucks, walking transtackers Are they in place? Does the safety catch work properly? Control Lever - Does the lever operate properly? Safety Interlock - found on order pickers If the gate is open, does the vehicle run? Gripper Jaws - found on order pickers Do the jaws open and close quickly and smoothly? Work Platform - found on order pickers Does the platform raise and lower smoothly? What's New Offices.

Printing Instructions. The following checklists are intended to assist in providing training on OSHA's revised powered industrial truck operator standards. Daily Inspection Checklist: Electric Transtacker. The vehicle inspection Lines and hoses Battery Safety switch Hand guards The operations inspection Test the brakes Check the drive operations Test the horn Check the grip coupling.

Buying Used American Cars?

The vehicle inspection Lines and hoses Battery Safety switch Hand guards The operations inspection Test the brakes Check the drive operations Test the horn Check the tow hook and safety catch. The vehicle inspection Forks Battery Hand guards The operations inspection Check the drive operations Test the brakes Check the horn Inspect the load-handling attachment operations.

Daily Inspection Checklist: Walking Transtacker. Daily Inspection Checklist: Industrial Tractors. Software also makes it simpler for your fleet operators to report on issues and submit required reports, such as basic inspections, after operating a vehicle. Look for useful features such as:. You should also consider mobile capabilities, integration with your existing fleet management tools, and cloud deployment particularly for growing fleets that require a solution that scales.

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When comparing software solutions, look at the average fleet size managed with the software as well as the fleet size capacity the software is capable of handling. Fleet maintenance software will allow you to set up alerts based on your pre-defined triggers, which will automatically notify your fleet manager or maintenance manager when a vehicle is due for preventive maintenance. A service checklist should contain required inspections, other safety tasks, and preventive maintenance tasks , including:.

Again, preventive maintenance activities may differ for each type or class of vehicle in your fleet. Some vehicles may require more robust inspections for compliance, while others may require more frequent parts or fluid replacement. Develop a checklist for each vehicle class and type in your fleet. Your vehicle operators are your first line of defense when it comes to fleet maintenance. Operators who use the vehicles regularly can often pick up on subtle signs and symptoms during operation that may not be obvious even to experienced automotive technicians during a routine inspection.

Operators should be tasked with monitoring the following:.

Make your maintenance checklists mobile

Vehicle operators should be required to take note and report on any potential concerns noticed before, during, and after the use of a fleet vehicle. Are certain vehicle classes experiencing unexpected breakdowns more than others?

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Are some vehicles requiring more frequent parts replacements and tune-ups? When you gather the necessary baseline information, choose the right software, and take the time to establish thorough policies and procedures, your preventive maintenance program will operate seamlessly. Well-managed preventive maintenance programs can add a substantial amount of savings to the company bottom line.

Download our interactive Fleet Preventive Maintenance Planning Checklist for a step-by-step guide to setting up your fleet preventive maintenance plan. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toll Free: Tel: Fax: Skip to content. Get a Quote. Request Samples. Determine Maintenance Intervals Determine how often preventive maintenance will be performed for each class of vehicle in your fleet. Consider Fleet Maintenance Software While you can manage fleet preventive maintenance manually, investing in a software solution can automate much of the oversight and management process for fleet maintenance.