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  2. How to Export Your AOL Mail Contacts
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Keep getting "invalid password".

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Message 2 of 9. Re: I cannot access my aol email account via BT broadband. You would need to speak to AOL for assistance with their email. Message 3 of 9. Thanks very much for your swift reply. I have been in touch with aol and last night got an automated phone call from them giving me a verification number. As I wasn't quick enough to write it down I am 84 with arthritic fingers I started up the BTinternet account asking them to reply to my question by email. It takes a while for a reply so maybe I will one tonight.

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I have been reading a lot about pop3 and imap but it is beyond me. Message 4 of 9.

How to change Email Address in AOL AOL Help |

Message 5 of 9. Thanks for your trouble. I have discovered an aol. Apparently I am not the only one having problems, it is widespread. Ribblelancs Distinguished Expert.

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Message 6 of 9. Trader1 wrote: Thanks for your trouble.

How to Export Your AOL Mail Contacts

Message 7 of 9. Hi Ribblelancs, I have started a new account with BT. I was with AOL for about 15 years so all my contacts obviously use that address. How do I inform them all that I have changed address? I am not very clued up with computers although I have been using them for years just for browsing and emails etc.

Use your AOL contacts with another email service

I am 84 and too old to learn all the latest jargon. Message 8 of 9. Address books are difficult Message 9 of 9. Had an email from AOL Support team to my new BT internet address asking for my aol address so they can try to solve my problem. So at least things are moving. I thought that they already had my aol address. Regardless of how many or how big the files were, AOL uploaded them faster than any other free email provider we tested.

All messages between you and a single sender are grouped together in a conversation view. This lets you read each message in chronological order without having to and open each individual message to get the whole story. We were surprised that messages we were working on were not automatically saved as a draft.

Saving the draft is a manual process. All the other free email services we tested, including Yahoo Mail , automatically saved message drafts until they were either sent or deleted. AOL Mail has both a trash and a spam folder. You have to enable the spam filters and manually enter any email address that you want redirect to the spam folders.

AOL Mail does automatically redirect phishing schemes to your trash folder. One convenient tool AOL includes with its free email service is a task calendar. You can add email invites to your calendar and set up an alert to remind you of the event. You can also set you email reminders of meetings or other events manually in the calendar.

Best web hosting services Create an online presence. Namecheap Review. GreenGeeks Review. Wix Review. HostPapa Review. WP Engine review. HostGator review. GoDaddy review. Bluehost review. Another tool included with your AOL Mail account is a live chat feature that you can use to instantly connect with others also using the same chat program. We also tested the AOL Mail mobile app. We were particularly impressed that the AOL Mail app opened a small viewing window inside the message creator that let us select and attach files without being redirected to another screen entirely.