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Introduced mid-year, somewhere between [10] and [8] were produced in , making them more rare. It was available only in the Bel Air trim with the V8 as standard equipment. It meant huge gains in sales for Chevrolet, who sold , Bel Air models, due in part to the new V8 engine introduced a year before.

In , Zora Arkus-Duntov broke the time record ascending Pikes Peak in a pre-production Bel Air equipped with the V8 engine in just 17 minutes and The last of the Tri-Five Chevrolets introduced several changes, including the large tailfins, "twin rocket" hood design, even more chrome, tri-color paint and a choice from no less than seven different V8 engines. They also introduced a limited number of Rochester fuel injected engines that produced horsepower, the first production engine to achieve 1 horsepower per cubic inch.

The base cid engine saw an increase from to horsepower as well. While not as popular as the previous year's offering, Chevrolet still managed to sell 1. Although considered classics, the Tri-Five in recent years have been seen as among the most dangerous vehicles to drive, especially in comparison to modern vehicles.

Chevy small block suffix codes, 1955-1994 : factory engine identification code guide

The Bel Air scored a "Poor" rating in every category and collapsed internally in comparison to the Malibu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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1955 chevrolet 210 - restomod

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1955 Chevrolet Two Door Sedan - Stored for over 40 years

Motorbooks International. Retrieved 8 September Jalopy Journal. Popular Mechanics. Forrest answered 7 years ago.

Chevrolet Bel Air for sale on Hotrodhotline

If you have room prep the engine for storage remember, that is your 's matching engine. If you have the room keep the original engine with the car for future generations. Just a thought. MrGDL answered 6 years ago. Will need complete rebuild. Perfect for a correct year restoration in your old Chevrolet James answered 4 years ago. Had the intake and carb, but the motor rolled over and cracked the carb housing. I thought that without the cast-in side mounts standard from 58 on, my engine would be worth something.

As it is numbers matching for a , I'm wrong. Just worth scrap value essentially. Just like my 68 large journal steel crank, junk. I've had it for ten years, I'll scrap it in another ten if no interest is generated. GuruZSK5F answered 2 years ago. GuruWZ6QZ answered about a year ago.

cz.umomadifaf.tk I am looking for a numbers matching engine for my Chevy Belair cell. You can't get "numbers matching" unless you find the original engine. What you can try to find a a correct replacement engine with the correct date code etc. Good luck!

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Appreciate your help, being new to this how do I go about finding a correct replacement engine with date code, meaning what portion of the VIN will give me what I am looking for? Do your research and educate yourself on early SBC engines. Call Randy at Engines Limited. Omro Wisconsin. Has just about everything, extremely knowledgeable. Has correct decking machine, stamps, rebuilds if you want. Dave B. GuruTWV6C answered about a year ago.