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And car dealers, especially used-car dealers, are very hungry for used cars these days , and that will make your trade-in value work harder for you. First, you'll need to know what the current market value is for your make, year and model of car. Start by looking up your car's worth at the Canadian Black Book value site. Note: very old and or obscure cars may not appear on the site.

How much is my car worth? Used Car Values | Edmunds

The average range, annually, is between 18, km, and 22, km. Make sure to clean your car and service it before this inspection so that the dealer doesn't use any small problems as bargaining chips to negotiate a lower price. If you have maintenance records with no damage history, you will do better.

There are various groups that are starting to offer more specific evaluation-type services online, and although they are slowly making headway for consumers and car dealers , a physical inspection is still necessary. There are a few other factors that will vary dealer to dealer.

The value of your vehicle decreases over time. Two things that will accelerate depreciation is the mileage it racks up and any wear and tear it accumulates.

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4 ways to boost your car trade-in value

To maximize trade-in value, some dealers recommend trading your vehicle in before it reaches , kilometres. But if you look after your vehicle, you don't have to worry about reaching this milestone too much.


If you do decide to trade in your vehicle to a dealership, choose late winter as you may be in a better position to negotiate. How come? New car models come out in spring and summer. Late winter is when the dealers want to clear their lots prior to make way for the new cars and will offer the generous discounts on the older but still brand new models. Choosing this time of year to buy a new car and trade in your old vehicle will help you get a better deal.

Online car assessment tools available to anyone which means car dealers have access to the same information you do. But dealers have their own options and goals to reach, and because those considerations vary from dealership to dealership, you may be surprised to find very different offers for your car. The car dealer will be looking to give you just enough to be able to sell your car with a reasonable profit margin.

To do that, the car dealer is likely to max out at a wholesale price for your car, in the hope of selling it at a higher retail price. Many car owners feel that selling their own used car is a good option.

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While this might provide you with a decent sale price, there are zero guarantees. Will you have the time to haggle until you get the best possible price from someone who may disagree with your estimation of the car's value? You may spend a lot of time and effort advertising, meeting with potential buyers, going on test drives, and still not get any offers at all.

And if you do, it may be a poor offer. Should you agree to an offer, you're still not done. Select a vehicle to find trade-in value:.

Devoted To Honesty and Matching Your Expectations

Tell us about the car's condition Provide the mileage, vehicle condition and any additional options your car is equipped with. Discover your cars resale value Determine your target price for trading-in your car or selling it yourself. Spiff Up the Exterior. Clean the exterior using car-specific soap. Convey that the car has been pampered, not hastily restored for sale. Remove Small Dents. If there's no paint damage, consider a paintless dent repair service.

Fix Window-Glass Defects. If your car insurance includes glass coverage, windshield replacement should be free, minus deductible.

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Clean the Interior Thoroughly. Vacuum, clean fabrics and mats, and dust all surfaces. Details make the difference. Clean the Engine Compartment. A clean engine bay gives the impression that the mechanicals have been well-maintained. Make Necessary Repairs. Trade In Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Black Book? Black Book, a leading provider of marketplace insight since , is best known in the automotive industry for providing timely, independent, and accurate vehicle pricing information. What Is the Trade-In Value? The trade-in value is more closely aligned with the auction wholesale value, meaning what the car would sell for at an auction to interested retailers. However, the dealer may offer more if the vehicle is a desirable inventory item.

In this case, a dealer may make allowances in consideration of auction and transportation fees that would have been paid if the car were bought at an auction.